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At Dr. David Côté Dental Clinic, our priority is our patients’ well-being. We welcome patients of all ages at our dental clinic in Gatineau. Our team provides quality care, from general dentistry, to the treatment of sleep apnea, to orthodontics.

Our extended clinic hours will help you get appointments that fit your schedule, within a reasonable period of time.
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Dental implants are a solid choice to replace missing teeth because they are very stable and durable. Come meet our team for quality dental implants.
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For well-aligned teeth and a healthier mouth, trust the orthodontic services provided by Dr. David Côté. We offer our patients the latest treatment options, combining comfort and discretion.
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Treatment of Sleep Apnea

To treat the problems associated with sleep apnea and to help you regain a restful night’s sleep, Dr. David Côté offers a complete evaluation, then guides you to the right solution.
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We welcome all our patients in our dental clinic of Gatineau.
Dr. David Côté and Dr. Martin Dubois are your dentists in the Val-Tétreau neighbourhood!

Our team of qualified professionals always works with the same goal in mind:
help you keep your teeth and your mouth healthy!

More than a traditional dental cleaning appointment

At Dr. David Côté Dental Clinic, we take the time getting to know you so that we can understand your needs. In addition to cleaning your teeth, routine visits are also an opportunity for us to conduct a careful examination of your mouth.

We ensure that you have a good understanding of the health of your mouth before offering you a treatment plan that meets your expectations.

Do you like your smile? Can you eat whatever you feel like eating? If the answer is yes, how can our team help you maintain your oral health?

With state-of-the-art technology and a highly qualified team, we provide our patients with a wide range of dental treatments. Propelled by our passion for dentistry, we are constantly seeking new ways to expand our knowledge in order to offer cutting-edge care.

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