Biography of Dr Côté

Biography of Dr. Côté, general dentist

General Dentist David Côté obtained his Doctorate in Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) from the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Montreal in 1996 Dr Côté installed in Gatineau since 1998, he has acquired extensive experience for all types of general dental treatments. In July 2011, he inaugurated his own dental located at 80 rue Belleau, corner of Boulevard Taché, in Gatineau. Assisted by Dr Martin Dubois, Dr. Côté works in the Val-Tétreau neighborhood, a stone's throw from the Université du Québec en Outaouais. The has become a member of the ASEQ network in order to offer low-cost treatment to students by their group health and dental plan. In recent years, Dr. Côté has also been very involved in the treatment of sleep apnea and snoring with a growing clientele. It works in collaboration with the Neuro Clinic Outaouais and the Ottawa Hospital to provide patients with treatments to their condition using dental appliances. For nearly 15 years, Dr. Côté, as a general dentist, also offers a complete orthodontic service to correct dental malpositions for patients of all ages.
Biography of Dr Dubois

Biography of Dr. Dubois, general dentist

Attracted by the relational and practical side of the profession, Dr. Martin Dubois began his studies at the Université de Montréal in September 2009. Following his doctorate in medicine (MD) of the Université de Montréal in June 2014, the latter can only confirm his interest in for the domain. His dedication to oral surgery earned him the American Association Award of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) awarded to a student who has demonstrated oral surgery, both for theory and practice, as well as an academic record copy. Originally from Outaouais, Dr. Dubois was pleased to join the team at the Dental Clinic Dr. David Côté in June 2014. Dr. Dubois' practice is based primarily on the needs and preferences of his patients. Having is part of several sports organizations in the past, it understands the need for good coordination of a dental team that can successfully complete a patient's treatment. At your going to the clinic, the working atmosphere will allow you to be relaxed and acquire a good understanding the need for your dental treatments. Dr. Dubois is a member of the Ordre des Dentistes du Québec and of the Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec.

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