Diabetes can cause serious and often underestimated oral and dental problems. These problems, such as cavities, gingivitis and periodontitis, can in turn lead to mouth infections and even tooth loss.                 We often think of cavities and periodontal disease as consequences of a sugar-rich diet and inadequate brushing […]

Our kids are lucky to live in a time where dental care of the highest quality is available and performed by people who are meticulous and mindful of their patients’ needs. Indeed, today’s dentists truly understand and care about their patients and the attainment of quality results. No longer are dentists the “tooth pullers” of […]

Apart from their annual teeth cleaning appointment, people often go to the dentist for minor dental repairs. Most of these can easily be done within an hour. Other appointments can be made for a routine exam, a preventative follow-up or to monitor an ongoing or potential problem. However, up to 80% of these common repairs […]

Nowadays, dentistry cannot do without diagnostic radiology also known as X-rays. The images of intraoral basic radiography, in 3-D or panoramic will give your dentist valuable information on your teeth and gums, and help him choose the best treatment for dental patients.   Many worry that dental X-ray equipment emits harmful radiation for humans. In […]

Dental care for children is a subject that creates quite a stir. One main reason is that kids can get hurt while playing at school or daycare and its rather difficult for parents to detect dental problems that may arise. Outaouais parents want what is best for their children’s oral health, and dental care is […]

Like most Canadians, we agree beautiful teeth are essential today. But let’s not stress about it, we can act on getting whiter teeth anytime. People know aesthetic is seen as a sure symbol of health, charm and success.                         Why get a dental crown? […]

You could suffer from sleep apnea if you snore loudly or if you feel tired the day after a long night’s sleep. Sleep apnea syndrome (or Obstructive Sleep Apnea, OSA) refers to brief and frequent breathing interruptions during sleep caused by the obstruction of the upper airway. When breathing is partially blocked, snoring occurs with […]

Dazzling white teeth, as seen on our popular stars on the screens, have now become a symbol of health, charm and success. As evidence, more and more people are looking to wear their favorite TV star’s glittering smile. Over the years, 16% of Canadians have purchased teeth bleaching over-the-counter products. According to the American Academy […]

Nature has provided most of us with wisdom teeth regardless if we have enough room or not for them to evolve normally in the mouth. When discussing tooth extraction with our patients, and especially parents, we are asked the same worrisome questions: do we not need all our teeth? In which case should we have […]

Did you know that every year thousands of accidents involving trauma to the mouth or teeth occur during sport-related activities? Research indicates that oral injuries in sports prevail and that they have important medical, financial, cognitive, psychological and social costs. One study found out that 75% of oral injuries among high school student athletes happen […]

On the market for almost 20 years, energy drinks sales are increasingly flourishing in the soft drinks sector. In North America, 30–50% of teenagers consume energy drinks, and 62% of them drink them at least once a day. Energy drinks help young people stay awake late at night, give an energy boost, improve their sports […]

Cosmetic dentistry is an area that has enjoyed explosive growth in recent years. Today, braces, fixed orthodontic devices, are known to be the most effective corrective orthodontic appliances. They are used to treat almost every type of malocclusion (teeth alignment) and space between teeth (diastema). Orthodontics can make rehabilitation treatments more aesthetic, durable and less […]

Are you embarrassed by a gap in your smile when laugh out loud? A dental implant can be the solution: it looks natural, it helps maintain jawbone health, and gets you feeling confident again. An alternative to bridges, partials or dentures can be dental implants. The practice of implant dentistry is as much about art […]

Sensitive teeth often result from worn teeth enamel or exposed tooth roots. If you have sensitive teeth, brushing, flossing, eating and drinking hot or cold can cause sharp temporary pain in your teeth. Avoid discomfort from sensitive teeth and smile again. Here are effective ways to treat this common problem. Hidden causes Sometimes the pain […]

Do you sometimes wake up to jaw tightness or pain? Or your spouse complains of teeth grinding noise at night? It may be that you are suffering from bruxism. Bruxism involves contractions of the jaw muscles outside normal chewing. Everyone can have isolated bouts of bruxism and these are not worrisome. However, when teeth grinding […]

There are different ways to reduce a toothache when you need to wait for a dental appointment. 1. Take two over-the-counter painkillers If your tooth is not hurting too much, two painkillers should really help. Ibuprofen and Tylenol are available without a prescription at the pharmacy. It is important to consult a health care professional to […]

After taking steps to find a new dentist, you find a few clinics in your neighbourhood or at a reasonable distance. What should you do now? Call clinics to collect basic information Is this clinic accepting new patients? Can you get an appointment within a reasonable time, according to your schedule? Can this clinic treat your […]

Ah yes, the Christmas season! That’s certainly the time when we tend to indulge in great home cooking. At David Côté Dental Clinic, we hope that your holiday season is enjoyable and that you spend the best of time with your loved ones. For this occasion, Dr. Côté answers clients frequently asked questions on a […]

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