A Holiday Season Without Cavities!

Ah yes, the Christmas season!

That’s certainly the time when we tend to indulge in great home cooking. At David Côté Dental Clinic, we hope that your holiday season is enjoyable and that you spend the best of time with your loved ones. For this occasion, Dr. Côté answers clients frequently asked questions on a healthy holiday season without cavities!


What foods stain teeth the most?

(Video in French)

“Foods that stain teeth the most is red wine, spicy foods such as turmeric and curry, coffee, and a lot for tobacco users.” To this list tea, chocolate, sodas and colored foods taken in large quantities are added.


Should we stop eating them altogether?

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“It is not necessary to avoid all these foods, because one must still keep eating pleasures in life. Instead, you should concentrate their intake at mealtime, and avoid eating between meals.” In short, AVOID chocolate snacks a few hours before dinner.


Is raw food bad for our teeth?

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“Raw foods have many benefits when included in our diet. For our teeth, it will have a self-cleaning action. So if you eat raw vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, celery and apples, these foods help remove some of the plaque from your teeth. Then, when you finish a meal with cheese, it leaves a film on the teeth that will help eliminate bacteria.”


What advice would you give to avoid cavities?

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“The best way to avoid tooth decay is to shy away from ultra sweet foods like soft drinks. Then, concentrate the intake of sweet foods at meal time, and thoroughly clean your teeth afterwards. When you start eating between meals, sugar will often stay on your teeth for a long time, and this is what causes cavities.” If you feel hungry between meals, choose sugarless snacks instead. If you cannot brush your teeth (for example, you’re at a friend’s or family’s home), you can rinse your mouth with water or eat raw vegetables. Then brush your teeth as soon as you can!


What are your tricks for a festive holiday without cavities?

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“The holiday season is a festive time where we have fun, but it is also a time to keep up good habits we have adopted during the year. So my best advice is to continue eating healthy as much as possible, clean your teeth after each meal and also floss when possible.”

If you have not already done so, we advise you to book a dental cleaning before the holidays to impress your family with a beautiful smile!


Energy drinks are your enemy!



Several foods have been called harmful in this article. One of the worst is energy drinks that are marketed as providing an intense and vibrant lifestyle to attract teenagers. You can read more about the dangers of these drinks in our article. Why not remove sodas from your diet in 2017?


Our opening hours change

Our opening hours will be modified for the holiday season.



Would you like to make an appointment with our dentists before the holidays?

Contact Venessa at (819) 770-3636 or by email, she will be happy to schedule your next appointment.

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