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The professionals at Dr. David Côté Clinic are always on the look-out for repair, cosmetic dentistry, surgery, computer-assisted restoration and various advanced dental care specialties. Dentistry has evolved significantly in recent years and the staff provides a full range of treatment and care tailored to the client.

Care for the child up to the elder

Dentists David Côté and Martin Dubois know how to detect a problem and diagnose the appropriate dental treatment. They will explain treatments with simple words for everyone to understand. Feel free to tell them about your concerns with confidence.

Our clinic

The clinic’s strategic location on Taché Boulevard and major bus routes, the ample free parking, the extended clinic hours, all these give clients an easy access to the clinic.

Dental cleaning

This is by far the best approach to maintain good oral hygiene and a fresh breath. During this treatment, the hygienist performs the dental cleaning after which the dentist makes a thorough examination. When done regularly, it is a good way to prevent gum disease.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has now become a priority in our lives. The dentist focuses on the aesthetic appearance of your mouth and also your concerns. After all, a beautiful smile attracts attention and increases self-confidence.

Teeth whitening

A comprehensive dental examination is mandatory before a teeth whitening. Only natural teeth can be whitened. Restorations, crowns and bridges cannot be bleached. There are two processes for bleaching teeth: in a dental clinic, or at home. Both processes work well, but treatment at the dentist remains faster.

During a first short visit, impressions are taken of your teeth to produce custom bleaching trays. Then, a second 2-hour appointment will be needed to complete the treatment.

Veneers are a good way to beat the age, color and shape of your teeth. A veneer will require 2 appointments. The first, to take the impression and, two weeks later, the veneer will be ready to be cemented. At the second appointment, the veneer is cemented onto the tooth and desired changes are made.

Very durable and aesthetically appealing, a crown is used to cover a fragile tooth or a tooth that has undergone a root canal treatment. The crown is done in 2 appointments; the first, to take an impression of the tooth abutment, and the second, two weeks later, to cement the crown. The crown is a solution of choice for restoring a damaged tooth.


The bridge is an alternative to an implant that would replace one or more missing teeth. The bridge is durable, comfortable and attractive.

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