What to Do with a Toothache when You Cannot Get an Appointment with your Dentist?

There are different ways to reduce a toothache when you need to wait for a dental appointment.

1. Take two over-the-counter painkillersmal-dentiste-gatineau-martin-dubois

If your tooth is not hurting too much, two painkillers should really help. Ibuprofen and Tylenol are available without a prescription at the pharmacy. It is important to consult a health care professional to ensure that taking these drugs does not interfere with any of your prescription medication.

2. Mouthwash with salt

Gargling the affected area with water containing raw salt for a few minutes will reduce the intensity of pain and will promote healing.

3. Use a topical analgesic

Apply an Orajel type of painkiller on your toothache with your finger or cotton swab for a few hours relief. However, one should take care not to abuse it, a dental analgesic may be harmful if taken in large quantities.

4. Apply ice

Although many people apply heat on a toothache, dentists recommend applying ice on the painful area. Note that heat may help in some cases of muscle pain affecting the face.

5. Brushing and flossing

Brushing the area at least 2 times a day and cleaning teeth with dental floss once a day are one the best ways to prevent the onset of oral problems. To help remove stubborn debris caught in the teeth, use small tree shaped brushes.

Tips from Dentist Dr. Martin Dubois at the Clinic


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