Patients in Search of a New Dentist

After taking steps to find a new dentist, you find a few clinics in your neighbourhood or at a reasonable distance. What should you do now?

Call clinics to collect basic information

  • Is this clinic accepting new patients?
  • Can you get an appointment within a reasonable time, according to your schedule?
  • Can this clinic treat your specific condition?
  • Would this clinic treat you in your language?
  • Can it submit your expenses to your insurance electronically?

What if you were a patient at another clinic?

During your first appointment, arrive ten minutes earlier to fill out a medical form. List your medical history as well as all the medication you are taking. You can request that a copy of your former dental records be transferred to the new dentist clinic. You might have to sign a waiver to your former dental clinic. There may be an administration fee to pay for copying and shipping your file to another clinic. If you have old dental x-rays, remember to bring them: they could be a valuable diagnostic aid.

Ways to get comfortable on arrival

Some patients experience a natural fear of dental treatments. If this is your case, arrive a bit earlier to chat with the receptionist and ask a few questions. A friendly discussion to familiarize yourself with the new clinic and its staff helps you relax in the new environment. Remember that dental clinic personnel attend training to help anxious patients relax. If necessary, do not hesitate to ask the dentist to explain the dental treatment he’s planning for you. Other stressed patients bring relaxing music to listen on their headphones before and during dental treatments. Choose comfortable clothing and avoid jewellery, a tie or tight shirt collar. If you should feel unwell, the doctor will give you emergency first aid. Casual clothing will allow you to enjoy more comfort during a dental treatment.

Approuvé par Dr Côté
Le Dr Côté possède une vaste expérience pour tous les types de traitements dentaires généraux. Il offre depuis près de 15 ans, un service complet d'orthodontie pour corriger les malpositions dentaires à tout âge.
Dr David Côté

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